Can I Use an OEM Replacement Laptop Battery?

Learn more about using an OEM replacement laptop battery from an expert's perspective. Find out what to look for when buying compatible laptop batteries and how to avoid fraudsters.

Can I Use an OEM Replacement Laptop Battery?

The accessory market is quite extensive, and I personally use an aftermarket battery in my HP laptop. These batteries are labeled with the laptop's own brand and are usually purchased directly from the laptop manufacturer. It is likely that OEMs manufacture batteries for certain laptops at once, so they only remain available until they are sold.OEM laptop batteries are those that have been manufactured by an outside company specifically for the laptop company. We experienced a similar situation 6 months later, but this time I no longer had a warranty and, even if I did, replacing the batteries every 6 months would not be practical.

It is always a good idea to check the reputation of the manufacturer that offers a battery, if you choose to consider a compatible laptop battery. Either OEM parts do not follow the same calibration steps that come with the original laptop batteries, or some suppliers are very skilled at creating imitations. Therefore, laptop components, such as batteries, integrated keyboards, and screens, are not usually interchangeable with other laptops.Compatible laptop batteries offer a less expensive alternative to OEM replacement parts, which are often expensive. I used to have a Dell laptop (a cheap one) and its battery lasted 3 years before I had to change it (the same type of work and hours on both).

If the aftermarket batteries are not as good as the OEM batteries, then I bought a defective laptop, since the OEM battery lasts for 6 months. Unfortunately, if you want a good battery, it is best to buy the expensive replacement battery directly from the manufacturer, as they will probably send you a working battery, and if they do not, they will respect the battery's warranty and replace it.That kind of product would deceive the operating system about how much charge it actually has and the laptop would shut down completely with a battery life of around 60%. The third-party battery market is a fraudster's market, where some sellers are known to lie about selling OEM batteries and where almost all batteries use faulty battery cells.

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